Most of the long term and serious practitioners of yoga tend to identify certain times of the day when it is particularly beneficial to do the asana.  The very early morning is particularly suited for the purpose as it tends to set the rhythm for the rest of the day. Another interesting feature of the early morning yoga is that the postures tends to place the arms and feet in positions that are not repeated right across the reminder of the day. 

Better Focus Ahead

Yoga done at the start of the day tends to clear up the cow webs that have been forming in the mind and to start with a clean slate as far as possible. People tend to think a lot clearer when accompanied by an early morning dose of yoga.  Exercises like the single leg balance tends to improve the power to concentrate for extended periods of time.

A set of yoga exercises at the start of the day is like the pumping action that is needed to start off the day in right earnest. Few people that have made this a regular habit tend to consider it as time wasted. 

Boost in Energy Levels

The start of any day is just the beginning to the rest of how the day is spent.  One of the easy and common ways to start of the day well is to start with an exercise. With yogic set of exercises, it is often that the physical being is looked after as with the mental aspects as well.

With most of the yogic postures tending to be rather not so common stances, people find that placing the arms or legs in awkward positions tends to release energy that otherwise would not have been released at all. These acts as release points to different negative energies that have built up over time and limit the not so good feelings too.

Stress Levels

It is hard to define what stress is and what constitutes stress levels. Often doctors and other laymen tend to associate stress with anything that puts the body to tension points.  Yoga has been known to release stress and relieve stress to a large extent possible. It is important to practice yoga till the effects are felt on the body and mind as far as stress busting is concerned.

Since the ultimate aim of the yoga asana is to control the mind and with it the way people think, it has been found that stress levels have taken a beating with the use of yoga.

Better Appetite

People that practice early morning yoga regularly tend to have an improved set of appetite most of the time.  But surprisingly few tend to complain that they are putting on extra weight.  This would mean that the body has achieved a balance between what has been taken inside to what energy has been used to perform the daily routines. It would thus mean a better nourished person on the whole.

Yoga is a simple and powerful way of keeping your health and fitness at the maximum levels in your everyday life. It is the path to conditioning your body and mind for living your life satisfactorily, peacefully, and comfortably. It can help you to heal many types of physiological and psychological disorders. It can also work as a preventive measure for avoiding other types of potential illnesses in the future. You have to analyze the probability of getting the maximum benefits after evaluating your health and fitness conditions today. For this, you may have to consult your physician, dietician, and fitness trainers before taking a decision.

Yoga for Healing

Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems among men and women in all the age groups. Some of the common causes could be poor body postures while sitting, standing, bending, sleeping, and while lifting weights. You may also get it due to extreme conditions while driving. The pain often starts from the lower back and extends to the neck.

Yoga can make it possible to heal back pain when it is in the initial or moderate stages. Some of the suggested simple yoga postures could be child, sphinx, knees-to-chest, forward-fold, and rabbit. These postures are simple to perform and effective in results.

Breath control is one of the main parameters of these postures. The duration of inhalation and exhalation may increase by 50% or more. That means the oxygenation of your circulating system is increasing significantly. Besides, the Para-spinal muscles also heal during the yoga postures.

The initial healing effects of yoga postures could take some time for you to experience. You need to be patient and persistent. The healing process can quicken once you reach the threshold limit. You have to practice the postures every day to keep away from back pain for the rest of your life. The postures can improve the strength and stamina of your backbone as well the spine.


Arthritis is a curable condition when you practice yoga.  Results from extensive research works have shown it to be useful for almost all types of arthritis. Some of the simple and effective postures are a cobra, forward pose, leg balance, and spinal twist.

Practising these postures can set the muscles, nerves, and joints in the standard positions. Circulation becomes normal. Oxygenation of blood increases. Muscles can absorb and retain more volume of energy. Inflammations reduce and fitness levels improve. It is a natural way to heal multiple types of arthritis without any side effects.

Yoga for Healthy Living

What will you do after healing? You need to balance your health and fitness at the peak levels to avoid relapsing of previous conditions. So, you start practising higher levels of yoga and meditation. The first step is to find an efficient and experienced Guru.

Leavenworth Yoga

 Leavenworth is the place where you can find yoga gurus with years of practice on healing multiple types of disorders. Keep reading my articles to get more information about the best yoga class in Leavenworth.

Yoga is a science. It is a healing process. It is a form of psychotherapy. It is a way of disciplining your physical body. It is a school for learning a new lifestyle. It is therapy. There are many more aspects of yoga, which can transform you into a healthy and wholesome human in many ways. Most important among them is to take you on the path to a peaceful life. The processes can detox all the negative elements of your body and mind. 

Yoga for Mental Health

The human mind is a complex mechanism which can turn an ordinary piece of metal into the most advanced machine. It can work at the macro and micro levels to invent many utilities and equipment to make life more comfortable and sophisticated. However, the mind is yet to understand its own internal mechanism.


Anger is one of the most uncontrolled emotions of the human mind. It can erupt within seconds like a volcano and disturb the mental balance. As humans, we commit many mistakes in the range of anger. Then we repent for what e have done. Is it possible to control anger?

According to Yoga masters, it may not be possible to control anger. However, we can change the way in which we react when angry. The first step is to accept our anger. The next step is to calm down the chemicals that are on the surge.


Epinephrine is adrenaline which the brain releases when you are angry. The frontal lobe of the brain has several transmitters which carry the signals to the heart, lungs, and the other parts of the body through the central nervous system. Our aim is not to control the Epinephrine, rather cut off the signals.


 You can’t sit and meditate when angry. However, you can practice mindful-meditation every day early in the morning. Sit on the yoga mat in the lotus posture. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. You can deepen your inhaling and exhaling process. Count to 10 while inhaling slowly, and count to 15 when exhaling slowly. You can repeat the exercise for 5 to 10 minutes in total solitude.


The generation of Epinephrine will reduce gradually when you are angry. Your reaction to the incident or the individual who make you angry will considerably slow down. It is your responsibility to diffuse the tension (by apologizing or moving away from that place) before your anger becomes intense. Slowly, but surely, the meditation process can calm you down fully. You should have the willingness to develop patience.


Fear is the other negative feeling, which can make you mentally sick. You can’t take any decision and act. It could make you lethargic. There are two types of fear, namely realistic and imaginary. Realistic fear could drive your action. For example, a charging bull on your way is a real cause of fear. Your adrenaline runs faster and makes you escape. Unrealistic fear is about tomorrow. It is purely imaginary.


I haven’t come across any posture which can drive you imaginary fear away. Acceptance and sharing your feelings with your yoga master can help you solve the problem.


I will reveal more secrets of Leavenworth Yoga to balance mental health in my next articles on this blog. Keep coming back for more.

Yoga is not merely physical exercises alone but the working out of the whole body including the mind as well.  Most workouts have strong health benefits and it is no different with yoga as well as can be seen in the following arguments.

Better Posture

People with predominantly desk jobs are often faced with issues of posture and body form from time to time.  A sedentary lifestyle often leads to some of the worst lifestyle causes possible to people.  By practicing yoga regularly, it is possible to maintain a balance to the body functions and help bring about a more balanced posture to the self. This is of particular importance to women folk who have the tendency to dress up in rather high heels and so on.

Increases flexibility

When was the last time someone tried to touch the toes of the feet? It would be evident that most people lose their flexible nature with time and it is yoga that helps bring about a balance to the whole system. Some of the more complex asanas demand a high degree of flexibility from people and it is the gradual build-up of the exercises to the required level that is going to help matters all the time.

Muscle strength

Yoga exercises tend to tone up the whole body most of the time. Unlike weight training, yoga does not use external weights and exercises are done with just the natural body weight all the time. This helps in building endurance and makes a person toned in structure.


Metabolism is nothing but the digestion of food and the burning of energy in the human body.  Yogic exercises tend to burn away energy and keep the various functioning systems in peak condition all the time.  A balanced metabolism tends to bring about better weight control and healthy body weight as well. 

Blood Sugar

Diabetes is an emerging lifestyle disease and comes with a sedentary style of living. Yoga can effectively control the body functions so that no part of the body is left without an exercise at all times. There are targeted exercises that tend to target specific diseases and it is possible to control the blood sugar levels by actively using yoga to good benefit.

Blood Flow

At the basic level, yoga tends to relax the whole body including the circulatory system.  This helps improve the flow of blood to the various parts of the body and tends to increase the efficiency of the body most of the time. It reduces causes and forms of high blood pressure and ensures smooth functioning of the body as a whole.


A practice like yoga should be made part of everyone’s lives. There are not just physical health benefits but on a broader sense, a better well being as well. Some of the major ailments can be brought under control and within manageable limits by using yoga regularly.

There is a word called SUTRA in Sanskrit. It is the basic element and the controlling factor. The entire system of Yoga works around the Aphorism of principles and practices. A great guru called Patanjali invented the SUTRAs hundreds of years ago. They could be beneficial for the mind, body, and the soul of the people who wanted to practice Yoga in his way. In this blog article, I am going to discuss a few of the most important points in the SUTRA.

Mind and Body

Many of the western medicinal methods treat mind and body as separate entities. But Patanjali treats them as a union. Hence, his methods are based on the simultaneous improvement of both the parts. The teaching and learning methods are oriented at the physical wellbeing. It could include

  • Body with no dieses and infections
  • Complete Detox of the veins and nervous systems
  • Complete control over breathing
  • Everyday body cleaning (internal and external)
  • Immunity to addictions
  • Flexible body
  • Agility
  • Blood cleansing and cardiovascular health

The mind called the CHITTA has a tendency to distraction, discontentment, negation, and other negative thinking. They can affect not only the psychology but also physiology of the human in the long run. Hence, Patanjali focuses on brining the mind to a status in which the focus is only on the present.

By freeing the mind from the miseries of past and uncertainties of future, it is possible to heal many of the mental disorders. There are many methods like breath control, meditation, focus, etc.  Patanjali was an expert in healing and curing many types of mental disorders and the brain related issues.

Body Postures

If you are a newbie, I would recommend the diamond posture. It is simple and effective. Sit with folded legs on a yoga mat. Your heels should touch your butts. Your spine should be straight. Fold your hands on your thighs so the palms touch them. Now, you can close your eyes and start feeling your breathing.

You have to increase the depth of breathing gradually with time. So the frequency will naturally decrease. You can spend about 10 to 15 minutes during the initial stages.  Then you may increase the time according to your convenience. Let me share a simple secret of this posture with you. It is a great method to reduce your belly fat. But it is not the only tool. It prepares your belly and hips for fat reduction. You have to perform the other exercises in the gym.

There is yet another simple posture called the Cobra. Lie down flat on your belly. Lift your upper body up and support with both your hands on the floor. The palms should be on the Yoga mat and the fingers point forward. Keep your lower body flat on the mat. It is one more method of fat burning from the abs.


The aim of Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas is to transform you into a wholesomely healthy individual with agility and flexibility. Keep reading more from my blog to improve your health and fitness.