Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas

Hello and welcome to my blog on Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas. According to general perception, Yoga is related to body postures, breath control and meditation. For some, it may mean control of the sense organs and development of wholesome health. If you look at the Indian perspective, Yoga is much more than these principles and practices.

For example, let us consider the name Yoga itself. There are many interpretations of the name by different Yogis of India. One of them is the splitting of name into two parts, namely, Yo-Ga. Yo means where and Ga means going (GACCHAMI in Sanskrit). So the meaning could be where you are going today. It is not just the place, but your attitude, approach, and practical methods of living your life today. In my blog, I shall discuss about the deeper meaning and practical implementation of Yoga from the perspective of the Himalayan Masters.

Methods of Yoga

  The methods of Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas have been in accordance to the traditional methods practiced in ancient India. There are many types of yoga. Some of them are Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and Sivananda Yoga. There are also many others which were created by the masters. But the universally accepted form which exists since centuries is the PATANJALI Yoga. In my blogs, I will be discussing about the various types of PATANJALI and its subtypes.

Why Practice Yoga

Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas has been aiming at brining every resident to the plane of perfect health and fitness. It is like fine tuning a car from the engine to the wheels and tires. It becomes fuel efficient, fast, flexible, and easy to drive. The human mind, body, and the soul are somewhat similar.

Yoga can streamline the structural and functional elements in your body, mind and soul. There will be less friction to lead your everyday life. You can bring a balance between your thoughts and actions. You can also bring a balance between your family life, personal life, and professional life.

Addictions are part of modern life, at least to those who have a tendency to consume alcohol and drugs. At some stage they start depending on the substances for their survival. But the physical allergy and mental obsession makes it difficult for them to live with or without addictions. Such people can find immediate and long lasting solutions in Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas. In my blog, I will be taking you on a wonderful journey through the simple Yoga practices for Detox and de-addiction.

How Yoga Works

Yoga is not rocket science. It is a simple spiritual tool. Anybody can take it up and practice the methods. All you need is faith that it will work and the willingness to follow the procedures. You have to stop worrying about the results and start practicing. Gradually, you can experience the results. I will tell you about some of the simplest tricks for making the Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas simple. Yet you can see how it works wonders.