Yoga for Peaceful Living

Yoga is a science. It is a healing process. It is a form of psychotherapy. It is a way of disciplining your physical body. It is a school for learning a new lifestyle. It is therapy. There are many more aspects of yoga, which can transform you into a healthy and wholesome human in many ways. Most important among them is to take you on the path to a peaceful life. The processes can detox all the negative elements of your body and mind. 

Yoga for Mental Health

The human mind is a complex mechanism which can turn an ordinary piece of metal into the most advanced machine. It can work at the macro and micro levels to invent many utilities and equipment to make life more comfortable and sophisticated. However, the mind is yet to understand its own internal mechanism.


Anger is one of the most uncontrolled emotions of the human mind. It can erupt within seconds like a volcano and disturb the mental balance. As humans, we commit many mistakes in the range of anger. Then we repent for what e have done. Is it possible to control anger?

According to Yoga masters, it may not be possible to control anger. However, we can change the way in which we react when angry. The first step is to accept our anger. The next step is to calm down the chemicals that are on the surge.


Epinephrine is adrenaline which the brain releases when you are angry. The frontal lobe of the brain has several transmitters which carry the signals to the heart, lungs, and the other parts of the body through the central nervous system. Our aim is not to control the Epinephrine, rather cut off the signals.


 You can’t sit and meditate when angry. However, you can practice mindful-meditation every day early in the morning. Sit on the yoga mat in the lotus posture. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. You can deepen your inhaling and exhaling process. Count to 10 while inhaling slowly, and count to 15 when exhaling slowly. You can repeat the exercise for 5 to 10 minutes in total solitude.


The generation of Epinephrine will reduce gradually when you are angry. Your reaction to the incident or the individual who make you angry will considerably slow down. It is your responsibility to diffuse the tension (by apologizing or moving away from that place) before your anger becomes intense. Slowly, but surely, the meditation process can calm you down fully. You should have the willingness to develop patience.


Fear is the other negative feeling, which can make you mentally sick. You can’t take any decision and act. It could make you lethargic. There are two types of fear, namely realistic and imaginary. Realistic fear could drive your action. For example, a charging bull on your way is a real cause of fear. Your adrenaline runs faster and makes you escape. Unrealistic fear is about tomorrow. It is purely imaginary.


I haven’t come across any posture which can drive you imaginary fear away. Acceptance and sharing your feelings with your yoga master can help you solve the problem.


I will reveal more secrets of Leavenworth Yoga to balance mental health in my next articles on this blog. Keep coming back for more.

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