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There is a word called SUTRA in Sanskrit. It is the basic element and the controlling factor. The entire system of Yoga works around the Aphorism of principles and practices. A great guru called Patanjali invented the SUTRAs hundreds of years ago. They could be beneficial for the mind, body, and the soul of the people who wanted to practice Yoga in his way. In this blog article, I am going to discuss a few of the most important points in the SUTRA.

Mind and Body

Many of the western medicinal methods treat mind and body as separate entities. But Patanjali treats them as a union. Hence, his methods are based on the simultaneous improvement of both the parts. The teaching and learning methods are oriented at the physical wellbeing. It could include

  • Body with no dieses and infections
  • Complete Detox of the veins and nervous systems
  • Complete control over breathing
  • Everyday body cleaning (internal and external)
  • Immunity to addictions
  • Flexible body
  • Agility
  • Blood cleansing and cardiovascular health

The mind called the CHITTA has a tendency to distraction, discontentment, negation, and other negative thinking. They can affect not only the psychology but also physiology of the human in the long run. Hence, Patanjali focuses on brining the mind to a status in which the focus is only on the present.

By freeing the mind from the miseries of past and uncertainties of future, it is possible to heal many of the mental disorders. There are many methods like breath control, meditation, focus, etc.  Patanjali was an expert in healing and curing many types of mental disorders and the brain related issues.

Body Postures

If you are a newbie, I would recommend the diamond posture. It is simple and effective. Sit with folded legs on a yoga mat. Your heels should touch your butts. Your spine should be straight. Fold your hands on your thighs so the palms touch them. Now, you can close your eyes and start feeling your breathing.

You have to increase the depth of breathing gradually with time. So the frequency will naturally decrease. You can spend about 10 to 15 minutes during the initial stages.  Then you may increase the time according to your convenience. Let me share a simple secret of this posture with you. It is a great method to reduce your belly fat. But it is not the only tool. It prepares your belly and hips for fat reduction. You have to perform the other exercises in the gym.

There is yet another simple posture called the Cobra. Lie down flat on your belly. Lift your upper body up and support with both your hands on the floor. The palms should be on the Yoga mat and the fingers point forward. Keep your lower body flat on the mat. It is one more method of fat burning from the abs.


The aim of Yoga in Leavenworth, Kansas is to transform you into a wholesomely healthy individual with agility and flexibility. Keep reading more from my blog to improve your health and fitness.

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